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Siemens Saudi Arabia

Table of Contents Introduction Effect on marketing activities Strategic planning Timing and mode of entry Marketing mix Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Several essential factors require careful considerations to ensure the success of business for companies that wish to explore a new territory, which creates the necessity of a good marketing plan. The plan entails studying the territory, exploring its possibilities, and developing or modifying products appropriately to suit the market’s needs. Siemens, an American company, wishes to explore the Saudi Arabian market and the following are some of the essentials aspects the company needs to evaluate carefully.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Siemens Saudi Arabia- International Marketing Plan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Effect on marketing activities For any company that plans to venture into a new territory, it is vital to consider some important elements including the marketing strategy and the receptiveness of the environment to new products or services. Marketing can sometimes be a complex affair as various variables come into play, most of the time simultaneously. One of the main environmental variables that would affect marketing of goods and services for Siemens in Saudi Arabia would be culture. The official religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam and as such, it naturally dictates the cultural practices for most of the population in the region. Some aspects of Islamic culture are worth considering when developing the marketing strategy. For instance, Islamic culture requires that men provide for the women financially while the women reciprocate by taking care of the household (Long 67). The result is that men form the majority of business owners in the region. Therefore, it would be wise for the company to consider advertising that mostly appeals to the male population concerning products and services as they dictate most of the businesses in the region. The company may also want to develop products and services for women that allow them access from the comfort of their homes. A good example is the use of Siemens’ investment services and financial solutions (Siemens Para.7). Such services allow women to involve themselves with income generating activities without breaching their culture to the benefit of the corporation. Islamic culture also limits women from engaging in the acquisition of property. However, by using investment vehicles such as mutual funds, it is possible for the company to enable the women in the country to benefit from investment activities involving property, without having them directly involved in the transactions. This move would be both empowering and economically sound as it generates income for a large percentage of the population without breaching the cultural dynamics and causing a hostile environment for the company.  Another variable that the company ought to c onsider is the economic environment of the region. Saudi Arabia has a 10.9% unemployment rate according to a survey by Heritage Foundation in 2013.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The survey also reveals that foreign direct investments stand at $ 16.4 billion and that the total population in the country is twenty eight billion (Heritage Foundation Para.13). Based on these findings, Siemens has a good chance of productivity as the population provides a ready market that is large enough to produce substantial gain. The foreign direct investment statistics also provide a good marker for success in the region. The unemployment percentage means that the company has a vacuum to fill in the economy, which depends on how good the company’s management is on market research. Providing employment opportunities through the establishment of business in the country would be a welc ome move for the government, assuming that it is currently working on reducing the unemployment level in the region. Although there are many attractive facts about the country, there are also some facts that form a negative opinion of the place, thus it is important for the company to balance the merits and demerits before forming a conclusive opinion about setting up business in the country. For instance, the survey by Heritage Foundation indicates that the government has had a bad record regarding transparency of its operations, especially in relation to property ownership. The survey rates property rights at 40% with a similar percentage in investment freedom. The fact that the region has been under a ruling class of elite individuals since the inception of the state makes legal and political functions to overlap, thus creating a good environment for corruption. The ruling elite control policies on investment and property ownership, hence making it difficult to predict the outcom e of investments in the region. Strategic planning In a bid to obtain actionable information, the management of the company needs to apply the use of specialists in conducting extensive surveys of the region. This move is essential for the formulation of concrete strategies that are productive for the company in the end. For instance, with regard to the company’s positioning strategy, the company should conduct surveys to get clear numbers on the products and services the region needs and the actual amount that it needs thus enabling the company calculate input costs and possible output gains. One of the most cost effective ways for conducting surveys is through the application of online tools such as social media.  According to a report by the European Travel Commission on 29 June 2013, various surveys by the Arab Advisor Group between 2010 and 2012 indicate that there are thirteen million Internet users in Saudi Arabia out of the total twenty eight million and that 54.6% of all mobile handsets consist of smart phones.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Siemens Saudi Arabia- International Marketing Plan specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The report further indicates that 39% of Internet users bought and paid for products online in 2010 and that 58% of all goods bought online in 2011 consisted of electronic products followed closely by software at 50% (European Travel Commission Para.8). These statistics show that using the Internet to conduct surveys for the company is a viable option; especially considering the number of Internet users in the country and the percentage also includes women, who would ordinarily be difficult to reach by most other personal means due to cultural restrictions. The Internet application for surveys is also cost-effective as opposed to face-to-face interviews, and is seemingly less intrusive in nature. However, it would also be advisable to conduct fieldwo rk for comparison between online results and groundwork surveys. The essence is to provide objectivity to information regarding market accessibility and need for products and services for the users.  Siemens possesses a competitive advantage over other foreign companies in the region and ought to apply the same to its advantage. Years of experience have enabled the company to develop links worldwide and make the name a reliable brand thus increasing chances of acceptability of its products in new markets. Most consumers prefer goods and services from companies they are familiar with as opposed to startup corporations due to trust issues. Considering the current state of the economy in most countries, consumers prefer options that are less likely to result in a waste of money unless such options are substantially cheap, to the disadvantage of the production company. The size of the company is another advantage as it enables the company to obtain substantial investments and produce goods at a scale that matches the populations need with little need for help from others in the industry. The quality of products and services is also better if such goods and services come from a company that can afford to produce them without a need for shortcut options. Apart from being beneficial for production costs, the size of the company will also benefit the company with regard to mitigating tax charges. By supplying a large amount of goods and services, the company is in a position to make enough profits to cover its expenses including taxes and leave enough for other projects the company may have such as expansion.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Taxation is usually a tricky issue for smaller companies as it necessitates the hiking of prices of goods and services so that the entire cost shifts to the consumers. The result is that the goods and services become unaffordable for consumers or unattractive in comparison to similar goods in the market. The variety of products and services would allow Siemens to shift the taxation costs to consumers without placing the weight of the entire cost on one specific product or service. For instance, the company produces electronic goods while providing infrastructural services and engineering labor. The division of the tax charges amongst the three options reduces the tax burden on each of the products and services, thus enabling the company to provide the same at affordable prices for consumers. Timing and mode of entry In order to ensure favorable reception for products and services, it is important for any company to consider the timing of the launch and the mode of entry into the new market. For instance, had Siemens tried to penetrate the Saudi Arabian market in 2001 or 2002 after the September 11 bombings and subsequent deployment of the U.S army to Iraq, its chances of success would have been dismal. The fact that the company had nothing to do with any of these events and that its products and services had no connection to the events would have been irrelevant as the situation would have depended largely on the relationship between the two countries and the perception the Saudi Arabian citizens had of the United States. However, as most of the countries in the world are trying to mitigate the residual effects of the 2007-2009 global financial crisis, most governments, including that of Saudi Arabia, have resulted to attracting foreign investment to improve revenue and cater for growing populations. Having the United States as one of the biggest consumers of oil and gas in the world, which mainly comes from Saudi Arabia, trade relations between American compa nies and the Saudi Arabian government are likely to be civil. The Saudi Arabian government and the American government have also been partners in eliminating the terrorism menace for their mutual benefit, an element that could be advantageous for the company in terms of trade relations. The company also needs to take advantage of the fact that the country currently has a high unemployment rate and the population growth strains its facilities. Considering the fact that Siemens is a leading supplier of infrastructural solutions, the company’s services and products related to infrastructure development are likely to gain acceptance from the government and private investors in the country. A comparison between the current population, its growth rate, and the land area gives clear indications that there is a vacuum in the infrastructure market and Siemens would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity by being proactive in providing a solution to the government. Although the c ountry has oil and natural gases, electricity production is a task for other players in the energy field. Siemens stands a good chance at selling sustainable electricity generation and maintenance solutions that cater for the current population as well as future growth as through the construction of functional, energy sufficient buildings. A good example of such a building is The Crystal project in London, a building that is functional and energy sufficient without compromising on the esthetic quality that ensures the area maintains its beauty. The company’s mode of entry has to be effective and cost effective to ensure that the company does not lose resources that it would otherwise apply in other areas. A progressive entry strategy is the surest way of attaining the best results while maintaining a failsafe incase the venture proves not viable. The use of the Internet for the introduction of some of the products after surveys is a good way to test the market’s recept iveness without having to incur tax costs and other costs that come with the establishment of a subsidiary. Once the company’s management is convinced that the country holds great potential for productivity, it would be wise to form affiliations with companies dealing in similar goods and services for distribution. The benefit of this strategy is that it enables the market to test the products that the company offers while keeping the company’s costs low. A rise in demand would then be an indicator the company should open a subsidiary or subsidiaries, which depends on the goods and services the market demands. Marketing mix A marketing mix is essential in securing the success of a business in a new market. The basic concept is the application of 4 Ps, which include price, place, product and promotion (Keegan and Green 62). When introducing its products and services to Saudi Arabia, Siemens has to ensure that the geographical location or place suits the needs of the com pany. For instance, when opening a subsidiary of services involving oil related solutions, it would be prudent to ensure that the service station is within close proximity of the oil station. This aspect is important for efficiency purposes for the client and the company alike. It ensures that service delivery is efficient and effective while maintaining good prices and high quality. The price the company sets for goods and services determines the consumption trends for the market (Keegan and Green 80). Setting prices that are higher than the competition causes the products to be unattractive to consumers while settling for a price much lower than the competition reduces the company’s potential for making profits. The company has to strike a balance between the two considerations by incorporating its expenses and the profit margin into calculations on expected output in profits. Depending on the climate of the market, the company may also offer attractive packages such as dis counts, on various products as incentives for consumers to buy more of those products. This strategy is mainly effective for products that have less demand than others do and those whose profits largely depend on the quantity bought. Another way that the company can improve sales through pricing is by integrating several products and services to create packages that seem attractive and affordable. For instance, the company may consider integrating the sale of electrical appliances with services for their maintenance, thus ensuring their engineers get work and the product sales remain high.  In promoting the company’s products, Siemens should consider methods that are attractive to consumers, are cost effective, and are innovative and different from other producers of similar products in the market. For instance, considering the culture in the country, it would be inappropriate to apply the use of sexually provocative advertisements, even though in most cases sex sells. Usin g an advertisement method that bears many similarities with a competitor in the same field dulls the perception of the audience and reduces the attention they pay to the company’s products. Therefore, it essential to maintain innovation coupled with ensuring that the company curves a niche for its products in a new market with similar products.  Lastly, the company has to ensure that its products stand out from the competition through branding and packaging. Using brand names that are hard to remember makes it difficult to sell such products. On the other hand, using names that seem boring makes the products easily forgettable. The company has to ensure that its products have names that are catchy and appropriate for the consumers. Attractive packaging in unique ways ensures the products stand out at their points of sale, and thus create an advantage over similar products from competitors. Conclusion The above considerations will enable the company make the right marketing decisions for the benefits of the company and consumers in the target market while maintaining productivity. The company should also explore other options in terms of geographical locations for new markets to ensure that the end market is the most productive one for the company’s sake. Works Cited European Travel Commission: Saudi Arabia-New Media Trend Watch Long Haul 2013.  Web. Heritage Foundation: 2013 Index of Economic Freedom 2013. Web. Keegan, Warren, and Mark Green. Global Marketing, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2011.  Print. Long, David. Culture and Customs of Saudi Arabia (Culture and Customs of the Middle  East), Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing, 2005. Print Siemens: Siemens Saudi Arabia 2013. Web. This report on Siemens Saudi Arabia- International Marketing Plan was written and submitted by user Keaton Durham to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Curriculum Theory Practice

Abstract There are various schools of thoughts in curriculum and education practices. This essay evaluates the existentialist curriculum as applied at Blue Valley School District in Kansas. It shows that schools should offer a learning environment that promotes individuality and a sense of freedom in pupils.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Curriculum Theory Practice specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, it discourages a rigid curriculum and mass teaching. Teachers remain passive as learners pursue their subjects of interests. A school can adopt other forms of curriculum such as pragmatic to support the available curriculum. The essay suggests the adoption of a pragmatic curriculum in the schools as a way of renewing the curriculum by focusing on the teacher and the subject matter to drive social aspects of learning and experimentation. It argues that a renewed approach to the curriculum based on the pragmatic c oncept should put a greater emphasis on language and literature with regard to social elements of both. Thus, social elements in studies should not be seen as special but rather as an important part of any curriculum. It encourages learners to have positive attitudes and experiences as they embrace new ideas and that learning should not occur in succession but rather in a progressive form. Hence, a pragmatic curriculum would improve learning through experiments, social elements and progressive activities. Application of an Existentialist Curriculum in American Education Practices An existentialist curriculum emanates from an influential belief in individual free will and the need for people to define and shape their own future.Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More First, under existentialist curriculum, learners control their own education practices. Instructors encourage learners to under stand and value their own uniqueness, assume responsibilities and facilitate self-learning. In this regard, existentialists propagate â€Å"students’ freedom† (Null, 2011, p. 82) while teachers â€Å"arrange for students to be part of a community of learners who help each other do their best† (Null, 2011, p. 72). Consequently, they do not support any strict curriculum in education practices and the inclusion of several subjects alongside specialization at higher levels indicates an approach to education practices based on the existentialist curriculum with flexible schedule. Second, a curriculum based on existentialism recognizes individual learner unique differences. Consequently, instructors and educators should aim to develop a curriculum that meets needs of such learners. In this regard, Null notes, â€Å"Teachers and curriculum makers, instead of trying to get all students to have the same experience, should embrace the reality of â€Å"multiliteracy† (Null, 2011, p. 76). Such a curriculum should aim to meet the immediate and future needs of students. For instance, students focus on real-world applications of learned skills, such as writing, reading, science and mathematics in learner-driven classrooms through discussions, debates, and discourses to discover new meanings and answer to questions questions.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Curriculum Theory Practice specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Third, the curriculum allows learners to learn about their self. This leads to self-examination and the need for inclusion to accommodate others. At the same time, learners reflect freedom and moral decisions in learning practices. In this case, Null notes that, â€Å"Education ought to help the young learn how to create their own meanings through these forms (of representation)† (Null, 2011, p. 75). Scientific subjects and mathematics form a part of the ex istentialist curriculum to allow learners to gain objective skills and critical thinking. However, the curriculum emphasizes the importance of self and self-knowledge (Koirala, 2011, p. 42). Blue Valley School District in Kansas focuses on an existentialist curriculum. An existentialist curriculum promotes the Socratic Approach to learning. The curriculum is student-centered and learners must strive to generate solutions on their own. They must collect available evidence and review them to discover new knowledge and identify gaps in the available knowledge. In some instances, learners must discover new knowledge by conducting research and scrutinizing different studies. In this context, the school promotes the use of an existentialist curriculum for problem solving. The school encourages individual reading among learners. However, the school also encourages learners to conduct group discussions and express their thoughts.Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This approach eliminates the superiority of group outcomes over individual thoughts. Learners may lose free choice and individualism that the philosophy advocates for. Teachers at Blue Valley School District aim to develop creative capabilities of learners. Consequently, learners engage in practical activities to understand and discover new ideas. Overall, the existentialist curriculum views students as the main center of focus in education practices and classroom teaching. Instructors seek to accommodate learners’ interests and needs. The role of the instructor is to guide learners. The instructor also facilitates learning to help students to achieve their learning objectives. The existentialist curriculum focuses on the future needs of learners and prepares them to discover self and be independent. Thus, learners must be creative and develop critical thinking attributes. An existentialist curriculum strives for absolute freedom and students’ responsibility as they en gage in learning. However, they must also account for the needs of society in order to cope well after studies through â€Å"the ability to think, speak and deliberate† (Null, 2011, p. 16). The Pragmatic Curriculum for Improving Learning Blue Valley School District can enhance the level of education if it implements a pragmatic curriculum to complement its current existentialist model. The school should encourage educators to join and create a niche for a pragmatic curriculum and develop inquiry approaches. The pragmatic philosophy recognizes the teacher as a guide for students. He must promote learning in a social environment in order to achieve social efficiency among learners and create a favorable relationship with students. Students at the school can benefit if the teacher adopts a sympathetic strategy to classroom learning. This would promote academic freedom and democratic learning. The teacher will work with students, suggest problems and engage in â€Å"classroom ma nagement techniques, research-based procedural skills, and the efficient use of instructional time† (Null, 2011, p. 126). He will give learners opportunities to find solutions as a way of stimulating learning. The teacher would then challenge learners to go beyond knowledge presented in the textbooks and discover their own. Students will benefit in learning if the teacher adopts experiment or encourages learners to develop specific experiences. In this context, the teacher encourages learners to learn by doing rather than by knowing. The intention of the teacher is to ensure that learners think and act to develop new ideas rather than repeat ideas from the books. In Blue Valley School District, teachers can dedicate two weeks to encourage experiments and discovery learning. Null notes that â€Å"teachers should take control† (Null, 2011, p. 143) and generate ideas that interest learners and encourage them to solve specific problems. They must organize and allow learners to demonstrate and facilitate learning among themselves. Therefore, pragmatist ideas will facilitate practical learning that learners require in a modern society. The focus on the subject matter will also facilitate learning at Blue Valley School District. John Smith notes that â€Å"changes are necessary through an innovative curriculum† (Smith, 2008, p. 74), which focuses on the subject matter. The subject matter of the school curriculum based on a pragmatic approach should promote social life among learners. In this regard, Blue Valley School District should develop a curriculum that goes beyond the current core subjects to include the learner’s own social experiences and activities (Null, 2011, p. 144). The subject matter should make the learner aware of his or her social heritage and cultural differences. This would enhance appreciation of individual uniqueness among learners. The subject matter should not consider social activities as special studies. The school should encourage social studies as fundamental forms of the subject matter. The focus on the subject matter would review how Blue Valley School District presents science studies. The current mode is entirely objective and students regard science as new subject and experience. The subject matter will introduce science as a part of a knowledge and experience, which learners have already acquired in their previous experiences. Thus, the subject matter of a science should not be new to the student and should support their current knowledge. A focus on the subject matter would restore the relevance of literature and language studies because the current form has eliminated most of the social aspects of the subject. Language should rise beyond the expression of ideas to include social elements in the content. The subject matter would allow language to function as a means of communication with social motives rather than as a means of expressing knowledge one has already learned. Finally, t he subject matter would eliminate succession in learning. That is, progress in studying should not be in the succession (Smith, 2008). Instead, it should reflect developments in learners’ attitudes and interests in learning new activities (Smith, 2008). Thus, the subject matter may eliminate the approach of introducing art, culture, science and others in later grades. In other words, approaches to curriculum contents should go beyond mere reading and writing in lower grades and â€Å"subjects such as manual training, nature study and science should replace reading and writing as the primary focus of the elementary curriculum† (Null, 2011, p. 132). References Koirala, M. P. (2011). Existentialism in Education. Academic Voices: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 1(1), 39-44. Null, W. (2011). Curriculum: from theory to practice. Lanham, MD: Rowan and Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Smith, J. (2008). Reconciling subjects and contexts: the case for a pragmatic primary curriculum. Ed ucationalfutures, 1(2), 63-74. This essay on Curriculum Theory Practice was written and submitted by user Jadon Brooks to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Freedom vs. Security essays

Freedom vs. Security essays On September 11th, 2001, an attack was made on The United States of America. Nineteen terrorists boarded and hijacked four passenger airlines, and used them as weapons against buildings in New York and Washington D.C. The fourth plane was brought down in rural Pennsylvania. Over 3,000 lives were lost in these attacks, and many more were ruined by the loss of family, friends, and coworkers. To prevent a reoccurrence of the events of 9-11-01, security policies have been changed, new measures taken, and national awareness heightened. However, new security measures have a tendency to take away some of our civil liberties as citizens of a democracy. This atrocity brought about a new debate within our nation and its leaders. Some say individual freedoms can be sacrificed for the sake of safety. Others strongly disagree and claim that is a disgrace to our constitution, history and country to take such measures. I agree with those who support heightened security, despite some of the constraints that may be placed on certain liberties. After the attacks of September 11th, soldiers of the National Guard have been on station in the airports across the nation. Soldiers pacing around an airport garbed in full battle gear, armed with automatic rifles is a new sight for most American citizens. However, if one were to travel to almost any other country in the world, (especially in Europe) this sight would be a common, everyday reality. This is something that we Americans should adjust to, for our own safety. Some believe that military presence in a civilian setting represents the characteristics of a socialist, communist, or totalitarian regime, and not that of a free democracy. This is not necessarily true; for freedom comes at a price. I dont mind if soldiers must be stationed on all means of public transit, including airports, if it means they are less likely to be attacked by terrorists, and prev ...

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Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Term Paper

Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences - Term Paper Example and multiplication tables without a deep understanding of the project. There have been mixed reactions to this theory. Experiments have revealed that there is high correlation between the two. Many scholars are in support of the suggestive approaches of the theory. Without claiming it to be the final list Gardner has made a list of eight basic types of intelligences. The actual list prepared by Gardner had seven different types of intelligences and later in the year 1999, he added a naturalist intelligence which makes it a list of eight. ... Presently the theory’s eight accepted types of intelligences are musical, intrapersonal, naturalistic, interpersonal, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical and linguistic. The areas like ability to visualize with the eye of one’s mind and spatial judgment are deal by spatial intelligence. Architects, artists and designer according to the theory are examples of people with such intelligence. Studies also suggest that people with this type of intelligence are very good with puzzles. The linguistic intelligence area deals with people with high intelligence in the fields of words, written or spoken, people who have a high intelligence of verbal linguistics show a potentially high capability with languages and words. Such people are relatively good with memorizing dates, words, telling stories, reading and writing when compared to others. In such cases people who possess linguistic intelligence learn better by listening lectures, reading, by debates and discussio ns and by taking notes. Foreign languages are easily learned and remembered by people with verbal linguistic intelligence, they are very good in understanding and manipulating structure and grammar. They also possess a very high verbal memory and are able to recollect very fast. Logical – mathematical intelligence, this area deals with numbers, abstractions, reasoning and logic. Though it is often said that people with such intelligence are good at games like chess, subjects like computer programming, mathematics and other numeric and logical activities, the theory emphasizes that this type of intelligence has to do with various abilities like, performing calculations that are complex, investigations and scientific thinking, recognition of abstract patterns and reasoning abilities. The theory

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Discussing posters from WWI, WWII and revolutions (Russian) Essay

Discussing posters from WWI, WWII and revolutions (Russian) - Essay Example Thus, fundementally, the presence of social problems don't always ignite a war; it's the inability of the governing body to contain these issues that ignites it. Then again, it will take more fuel for wars to actually begin and sustain itself. This is where propaganda comes in. Looking at the two major wars in history - World War I and World War II, you would find countless of various forms of propaganda urging the people to support these wars. It could take take form of a compelling speech, a passionate hymn or an intruging poster, which will essentially get the people's support or sympathy. When used right, propaganda can be a very powerful fuel that would drive the success of a war or a revolution. Of course, that would depend on which side you're looking at. In the course of history, you would find external wars between countries, and internal wars within a specific region. Different ways and styles of propaganda had been used for these battles. World War I erupted in the year 1914. Years of power struggle and policy conflicts between the world's super powers - The Triple Entente and Triple Alliance powers - led to one of the deadliest conflicts in history. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne by the Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip was the breaking point. This triggered Austro-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia and a whole series of events leading to the spread of conflict worldwide (Marshall, p 1). Looking into the history of World War I, you would find various reasons why it even began. Depending on which side you're studying, you'll find different propaganda's making the other side as the evil enemy. Countries involved in the war used propaganda to raise people's support and morale. Externally, it was also used to gain allies. The involvement of US in World War I is one example of how propaganda worked externally among countries. Initially, the US had made a bold stand to stay out of the war. However, the sleeping super power had been put under pressure by its allies. At the same time, Germany had attacked U.S. naval ships. The tipping point was when the British governement revealed to the U.S. the Zimmerman telegram, which was a proposal of Berlin to Mexico to join the war as Germany's ally against the U.S. All these compounding events led to the participation of America three years after the war started. During the war-torn years, various propaganda materials came out in America to reinforce the decision why the country joined the war in the first place. An independent agency, called Committee on Public Information, was established specifcially to influence public opinion regarding the US intervention in WWI. Since 'propaganda' has such a bad image for the Americans, the committee's leader, George Creel, defined their activities as "not propaganda as the Germans defined it, but propaganda in the true sense of the word, meaning the 'propagation of faith' (Crumm, 19). Under this group, America's most famous illustrators such as James Montgomery Flagg, Joseph Pennell, and Louis D. Fancer had gathered together to create some of WWI's most compelling and influential images. The most popular propaganda poster was of Uncle Sam - personification of US - which encouraged

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HEALTH CARE QUESTIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HEALTH CARE QUESTIONS - Essay Example Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviors not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society." (Kotler & Andreasen as quoted by Weinreich, 2006, par. 2). In every marketing campaign, the most important sources of data to examine are the elements of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, and place. For social marketing campaigns, the following elements are added: public, partnership, policy and purse strings (Weinreich, 2006, pars. 4 – 11). Under health care, a social marketing campaign considers any of the wide range of products offered by health care institutions. Physical products come in the form of medicines, prosthetics, and other tangible health products. Health care also offers services ranging from diagnostic, laboratory, therapeutic examinations. Other products are likewise enumerated: â€Å"practices (e.g., breastfeeding, ORT or eating a heart-healthy diet) and finally, more intangible ideas (e.g., environmental protection)† (Weinreich, 2006, par. 4). The price is the cost for designing and implementing the social marketing campaigns. The place is the target market for the campaign. The promotion â€Å"consists of the integrated use of advertising, public relations, promotions, media advocacy, personal selling and entertainment vehicles. The focus is on creating and sustaining demand for the product† (Weinreich, 2006, par. 6). The other critical sources of data for the campaign are: publics (internal and external groups directly involved in the campaign); partnerships (affiliated organizations that team up to organize the campaign); policy (governing rules supporting the social marketing program); and purse strings (â€Å"funds provided by sources such as foundations, governmental grants or donations† (Weinreich, 2006, par. 11)). Coye, Foege, & Roper (1994) identified leadership traits required in public health to ensure the development of health objectives in one’s community, to wit: â€Å"the

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Building a Portfolio Style Website

Building a Portfolio Style Website Short History and Development of HTML HTML, decrypted as a Hyper Text Markup Language. The first version of HTML appeared in 1986, in 1991 it has been significantly modified. From then until today, there have been several versions of the substantially modified. In 1995 published a second version HTML 2.0. After the release of the second version immediately began work on the next generation of HTML. And In 1997 comes the recommendation HTML 3.2, which added a mark-up language tables, frames, images and some other important tags. The 4th version of HTML 4.01 started in 1997, recent changes appeared 24.12.1999. HTML5 It is the fifth and current version of the HTML standard; it was published in October 2014. HTML5 structure consists of a plurality of elements:       window.NREUM||(NREUM={});NREUM.info={"beacon":"bam.nr-data.net","licenseKey":"de6e6cfad9","applicationID":"221047987","transactionName":"bl0HMhMFDEYCWhJeWlcXMBQISwdGEFgfRBpYShEPAggHGxNRFg==","queueTime":0,"applicationTime":1,"atts":"QhoERFsfH0g=","errorBeacon":"bam.nr-data.net","agent":""} Some few examples tags and applicable attribute of HTML 1. is mandatory for the image element is mandatory for the URL of the link. This is a paragraph. Importance of CSS in web design and outline its evolution from CSS1 to CSS3. The first CSS specification, CSS1, became a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation in December 1996. CSS2 came out in 1998. The work on CSS3 has been going on for years, but seems to advance very slowly So, what exactly does CSS stand for? It stands for Cascading Style Sheets and style sheet refers to the document itself. Ever web browser has a default style sheet, so every web page out there is affected by at least one style sheet the default style sheet of whatever browser the web page visitor is using regardless whether or not the web designer applies any styles. For example, my browsers default font style is Times New Roman, size 12, so if I visited a web page where the designer didnt apply a style sheet of their own, I would see the web page in Times New Roman, size 12. Examples of rules created in CSS:   p{ color: #02031c; } B)   body{ background-color:   #caefc6; } Outline the four steps involved in developing a site and choice of web authoring tools available. Planning, Research Design Development Testing website Hardware and software tools you need for web design Web designing takes much more than most people think. It is about ensuring that you have all the relevant hardware and software tools required to design a good and appealing website. One of the most important tools you need a computer. A computer to be used for web design should have a large hard disk and Random Access Memory, high processing speed and large storage capacity to be able to process the large video files. The next thing you need is a server that you will use to host the website. Two servers are needed, the hardware and software servers which are important for web hosting. The relevant software for instance Dreamweaver and Microsoft front page need to be available before any progress can be made in construction of the site. How the importance of the following will affect in design a website? Target market Every website should be designed for the target audience not just for yourself or the site owner. It is therefore very important to understand who your target audience is. Site objectives Navigation Navigation means how an user surfs the web pages, different controls like buttons, boxes or how the user uses the links on the pages to surf different pages. Site structure option will help users to find content pages that they are looking for easily and quickly. These are all optional items and if present they should be validated. A good site structure is a requirement for Search Engine Optimization. It allows both your users and search engines to find content within your site more easily. A good structure is well categorized, and pages within it only link to other pages on the same topic. Access speeds Check your websites loading speed. Page speed is an important factors in search engine rankings and overall site success. Pages that take longer than 5 seconds to load can lose up to 50% of users. Faster webpages result in higher traffic, better conversions and increased sales over slower loading pages. User Interface User experience design is what makes the layout and organization of a website easy-to-use. User experience is a very important factor because visitors or potential customers in the case of a business will usually hit the Back button or leave the website completely the moment they become frustrated. While this frustration may sometimes be caused by the websites content, a far more common cause is a web design thats difficult to use or navigate. Sketch a design for the homepage of the portfolio site. How the site should be maintained and upgraded in future? What is Website Maintenance? The activities from which Website Maintenance is composed are: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Website Publishing: To keep content up-to-date. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Website Quality Assurance: To spot errors on a site. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Website Feedback Monitoring: To manage communication with Website visitors. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Website Performance Monitoring: To measure success. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Website Infrastructure Monitoring: To supervise hosting. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Change Control: To manage technical and other changes in a coordinated way. These activities are usually carried out by members of a Website Maintenance Team. Owning a website or blog has its responsibilities. You cant just upload it and forget it. Regular website maintenance is a must if you want your site to be successful. So, how the site should be tested? Accuracy to Original Design: Compare the original design that you approved to the end product to ensure that the coded version is true to the website design you love. Keep in mind that some adjustments may have been discussed along the way, but you should know about them and there shouldnt be any surprises. Are the font styles right? Do bulleted lists look the way you expected them to look? If you have any rollover effects, make sure theyre working beautifully. Images: Look at the images on your site and make sure they are picture perfect. Check for any lingering watermarks and ensure your images look the way they should and have aesthetically pleasing spacing around them. Content: Check that you have all of the pages you need for your debut and that all have proper grammar, spelling etc. Browser Check: Check your website on multiple browsers. Depending on what level of design and programming you purchased, older or less common browsers may have some compatibility issues, however be sure to check your website on the most common players: Internet Explorer 7 or above, Safari, and Firefox.