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Common Cold essays

Common Cold essays A common cold is an illness caused by a viruse Infection located in the nose.Colds are also involved in the sinuses,ears,and the bronchial tubes. the common cold is caused by any of a number of virusesthat can involve the upper repiratory tract.As your body reacts against the attacking virus you get the symptoms of a cold including nasal congestion,sneezing and shiffles. the best strategy for treating a common cold is to start treatment as soon as there is the recogntion thar a cold is begining and continue treatment on a regular basis until it appers that the cold is over (3-7)days. the other symptoms of a common cold including sneezing, runnynose, nasal odstruction,sore or scratchy throat,coughing,hoarseness and mild general symptoms,like headaches. It deposited into the front of the nasal passages by conaminated fingers or by droplets from coughs and seezes. ...

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Pakistan humanitarian needs (Solar energy and Clean water plants) Assignment

Pakistan humanitarian needs (Solar energy and Clean water plants) - Assignment Example There is clear evidence that Islamists are part of political system following the election of Rehman as the leader of opposition. Tribalism is evident by the number of killings in areas occupied by different tribes like Uzbeks and Chechens. Ethno-nationalism is also evident when militants destroyed energy producing station in Balochistan (Gladstone, 120). The author has a number of claims regarding Pakistan as a weak country due to various reasons including failure to protect its citizens. The author has substantial evidences to support the claims derived from undesirable acts from different groups posing threats to the country. After the analysis of the claims, I have effectively understood the humanitarian needs of the Pakistan people. The cruel acts of militants evident after destruction of Kari-Dor Bridge and Sui gas plants have greatly contributed to answering of the research question. This has given me clear insight of the question. The need for clean water plants and the solar energy to improve the well being of the citizens can be derived

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Assessment for Taxation Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assessment for Taxation Law - Assignment Example A lump sum is subjected to tax on the extent to which it is quantifiable and identifiable as representing reimbursement of income loss. In this case, we shall analyze cases related to this scenario, and try to relate the extent to which the damage that was paid to Nutra Tech Pty Ltd is assessable for tax purpose. Cases and judgments In McLaurin v FCT, the court resolved a case that involved payment of lump sum amount, paid as damages caused by a bush fire on the taxpayers grazing property. 1 This lump sum was a collection of particular items of damage, which were not clearly disclosed to the taxpayer. The court ruled that the distribution was in order after analyzing the details of the case. The decision in this case supported dissection of a payment into several heads and classify some as income and others as non-income, given that the payments is in relation to separate claims, some of which must be liquidated (Nethercott, Devos, & Richardson, 2010). In Van den Berghs Ltd v Clark,2 the judge distinguished capital from income through two tests. One test aimed at establishing whether the contract was part of a fixed framework, that the capital belonged. The other test was to establish whether the contract was purely supplementary to profit-making or a crucial part of the process itself. In this case, the taxpayer entered a contract with a Dutch company, but the contract was terminated and Van den Berghs paid ?450,000 as damages for cancellation of the agreement. The judges held that this amount was capital in nature, since Van den Berghs gave up its right under the agreement. In addition, it was argued that the agreement which was canceled was not commercial in nature, but only affected the manner in which profit-making activities were run. Furthermore, examination of the company’s circumstances exposed that the contract stood for the permanent framework that Van den Berghs run its trade (Nethercott, Devos, & Richardson, 2010). The case of Californian Oi l Products (In Lia) v FC is also related to capital and revenue income. The case was concerned with a taxpayer, who entered into an agreement with a foreign company, which accorded it rights to dispense its oil products in Australia. 3As a result, the oil company terminated the contract and compensated California Oil for the termination. The court ruled that the amount paid as damages for termination of the contract involved ditching a fundamental sole business; hence, the compensation was of a capital nature. In FC of T v CSR, it was decided that capital gain tax provisions, were applicable if the taxpayer obtained a lump sum in exchange of damages for breach of contract. In regard to Income Tax Assessment Act, 118-20, which is related to CGT taxing powers relationships to the rest of the provisions, the capital gain would be reduced if the amount was assessable income, as stipulated in sections 20-25(4) (CCH Australia Limited, 2009). Application of the cases To establish whether t he damage received by Nutra Tech Pty Ltd is of capital or income nature, it is important to consider whether the terminated agreement, which was related to consultancy services, was associated to its profit-making activities. If Nutra Tech Pty Ltd could be able to obtain another contract to replace the terminated one, then it can be held that the agreement did not obstruct Nutra Tech Pty Ltd’s profit-making act

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First Opium War Essay Example for Free

First Opium War Essay In 1899, right after the First Opium War, China was under the control of European powers and Japan, Qing Dynasty was so weak that hardly could defeat these powers. Each of these powers found out that China was a country which owned variety of resource. Therefore, all of them wanted to trade with China to earn more benefit and robbed various parts of coastal places, unfold Chinese territorial and Administrative integrity and would not interfere with the free use of the treaty ports within their spheres of inference in China. John Hay, the private secretary to Abraham Lincoln, the person who proposed the Open Door Policy. At that time, the United States was just finished the invasion of Philippine with Spanish and turned to China. They also had great interest in China and found out that China was the biggest market in the whole world. The Open Door Policy was declared base on this situation. Hay said,â€Å"Earnestly desirous to remove any cause of irritation and to ensure at the same time to the commerce of all nations in Chinashall enjoy perfect equality of treatment for their commerce and navigation within such spheres.† The purpose of writing the document was to reduce the power countries had gained from their spheres of influence. The United States had no spheres of influence in China because it had just recently taken interest in Asia. Therefore, John Hay sought to prevent other countries from having more power than the United States. Each power claimed exclusive privileges of investment, and other powers seek to monopolize the trade as well. As the Open Door Policy took into action, each power should have to follow the rule 1. Each great power should maintain free access to a treaty port or to any other vested interest within its sphere. 2. Only the Chinese government should collect taxes on trade. 3. No great power having a sphere should be granted exemptions from paying harbor dues or railroad charges. This policy which showed above has obviously changed both China and the United States. From the United States, they found the biggest market in the whole world which is China. Before America was unable to trade with China and didn’t have time to care about China. No later than they defeated Spain in Philippine. They turned their sight to China, a huge market for trade which had been untapped and allowed America to gain a financial foothold in China. This decision can give them earn the most benefit. United States became China’s largest partner. Therefore, although the tax they need to pay was as the same as all the other powers, they occupied the most market of China, which means they were the largest earner between China and European power. By the way, it was the first time for the United States to expend their market to Asia. It has laid a good foundation for the commercial intercourse between America and China several decades later. On the other hand, this policy has changed China a lot, even much more than America. During that period China was nominally controlled by Qing Dynasty, but actually almost half land of China was invaded by foreign country and divided by France, German, British, Italy, Russia, Japan, and the United States, we call these eight countries as Eight-Power Alliance. Anyway, China was a country with half colonization and half feudalism. Each power was interested in the huge benefit in China. But they all had a fear with others. None of them dared to become the first. As the Open Door Policy proposed by America, the entire problem has been solved. Everyone got the same right to trade with China and had to pay the tax. It looks like everyone received what they want except China. However, just the opposite, China has occupied a huge change during this period. First, it has increased the trade of China and help to develop the economics of China. After the First Opium War, that was the weakest period of China. Drug has poisoned this huge country suffer from paining. Open Door Policy gave China a chance to develop them. Second, this policy gave China to advocate an impartial system of taxation set up a system of equal trading rights, which also helped to prevent European Power and Japan divided China into separate colonies, also intended to lower taxes and gave America an equal chance to trade with China. Third, the United States was the biggest partner effectively stopped countries from colonizing China; this helped to keep China a united, sovereign nation. In recent years, China has developed much faster than before. In 1978, the president Deng Xiaoping took office, China formally cooperated with America. It can be said as America helped to increase China’s economic. The development of trade gives both China and America pretty much benefit. Finally, the Open Door Policy is the most important policy during the whole that period. Without that policy, maybe China would be divided into several parts. Open Door Policy give America more benefit, but actually the biggest earner is China.

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The War Between The Classes :: essays research papers fc

The War Between the Classes By (Your Name Here) The War Between the Classes is an excellent book written by Gloria D. Miklowitz. It is about a high-school class that plays the â€Å"Color Game†. In the game, there are four social classes which are represented by armbands: Blues – highest, richest; Dark Greens – upper-middle class, semi-rich; Light Greens – lower-middle class, semi-poor; Oranges – lowest class, very poor. To further split up the classes, there are the superior sex, Teks(females), and the inferior sex, No-Teks(males). There are also groups of Color Game â€Å"policemen†, which are older students who played the game in previous years. They record the students’ activities, and record any good or bad behavior, which can result in demotions or promotions. The Color Game runs like this: Lower classes, or No-Teks, must bow when they meet eyes with a higher class, or Tek. Higher classes can give orders to lower classes. Lower c lasses may not speak to a higher class unless spoken to, and can only reply in a short answer. You must have your armband and journal with you at all times. The main character in this book is Emiko â€Å"Amy† Sumoto. She comes from a Japanese family, and her parents believe she should keep the family going by marrying a Japanese boy. Instead, she is interested in a rich, white boy names Adam, which is the opposite of her. In the Color Game, all the Latinos in the class turn out to be high colors, and rich whites end up as lower colors, which are all planned out by their teacher. Although she is used to being treated as a lower person in real life, along with the rest of the Latinos, she doesn’t feel right with the power she has, being one of the most powerful people in the class. She decides to try and unite all the colors to an equal rank. After being demoted from Blue to Orange with Adam, she plans to post â€Å"Unite All Colors† posters all over the school, a nd make quad-colro armbands for all students to wear. Finally she succeeds in doing this, and unites the whole school as one. My favorite part of this book is when Amy and her friend Juan sneak into the school at night and post the posters all over the school. I like this part because it sounds very fun to do, and it’s the only actual action part or the book.

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General Information and Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

This research paper in general provides various details about the Alzheimer’s disease. The various symptoms and the various methods used to detect this disease. It also provides in general information about the methods that are used to cure the disease. Some of the natural techniques used to cure it. The various social and physiological issue faced by people suffering from this disease. Introduction Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible brain disorder which has no cure.This disease affects its victims slowly over a period of time and leaves them with no or very little control of their mind. Some of the affects of Alzheimer's disease are partial or total memory loss, they are not in control of their mind to make judgments, it leads to personality changes in the affected person and many a times they loose their control over their language skills. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the disease that affect its patients over a long span of time and with out a warning.The symptom s of Alzheimer’s disease are very similar to that of old age and are many times misinterpreted as old age and by the time people realize the actual problem it is too late. Some of the most common and early signs of Alzheimer’s disease is the loss of short term memory and this is one of the ignored by many and slowly and steadily becomes worse over a period of time. There are a number of organizations that have been started to find a cure for the disease and also to help the victims cope with the stigma faced by them in the general public.One of the major organizations started to help this cause is the Alzheimer's Disease Research (ADR) which was established way back in 1985 to provide funds to organizations performing research on Alzheimer's disease and also to educate the general public about the disease and raise awareness about the same. Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer's disease was first detected by a German physiotherapist way back in 1901 when a patient was brought to him by her husband as he was not able to take care of her due to her ever diminishing mental health.He noticed that the patient was suffering from short term memory loss and cloud not remember a thing. He continued research on these symptoms for the next 5 years and presented the same at the 37th Assembly of Southwest German Psychiatrists. The name Alzheimer's disease became popular after it was written about by Emil Kraepelin in his book called â€Å"Textbook for Students and Doctors†. However in the whole 20th century this disease was assumed to affect only the people who were of age 60 and above.However in early 1980s it was realized that this disease could affect anyone in any age group and the name Alzheimer's disease was used to refer to all the patients who were contacted with this disease (Alzheimer’s Research Foundation). Alzheimer's disease stops the normal functioning of the brains and reduces its capabilities to perform normal everyday activities . The disease grows over a span of time and the affected persons control over his brain lessens as time passes. Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible disease which has no found cure.The person who is contacted with this has no or very little control his brain and is not able to think and understand things correctly. The patient many have short term memory loss and may forget his name and many a times it has been noted that the patient will walk away from home and wander around not knowing what is to be done. The first sign of Alzheimer's disease is the loss of short term memory. This is a sign which is ignored by many as a sign of old age and by the time one realizes the issue it is too late.Over a span of time the person looses his thinking abilities and finally it leads to a change in the personality of the person suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In the last stage the person become fully dependent on others for his day to day activity and has to be kept under supervision at al l times. The person may get infected by an infection which may eventually lead to his death. It is said that usually people over the age of 65 are contracted with this disease however one can come in contact with Alzheimer's disease at any age.However age is the key factor for people who suffer from this disease as it ahs been noted that the chances of a person having this disease increase as the person grows older (Wikipedia). Some of the common symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are as follows; Short term Memory loss (Cohen): There are a number of symptoms that will be noticed in a person who is suffering Alzheimer's disease, however the most common and one of the symptoms that can be noticed in all the patients is the loss of short term memory.All the patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease loose there short term memory and are known to become forgetful. Short term memory loss is considered to be one of the key symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. However many time patients avoid te lling this fact to people around them and are know to smartly hide this issue. This is done by them to avoid being made fun by their family members and friends. Confusion and Wandering: Memory loss is followed by problems related to confusion where the affected person finds it difficult to perform even their everyday work properly.They find it difficult to perform some easy everyday work like cooking, eating etc very difficult to do. It becomes very difficlut for them to remember the name of people and places. It worsens to such an extent that they forget the names of their own children and grandchildren. This further worsens and the patient looses track of direction and finds it difficult to find his way around the house and many a times once he goes away from the house, does not know the way back home and is then referred to as a wanderer.In the beinging the affected person will not realize the problem and as time passes things will worsen and the person will find it very difficul t to find his way back home. Personal Care: The personal hygiene of the person suffering from Alzheimer's disease will deteriorate over the span of time. A person who would really take care of his hygiene will start ignoring it. The person will not want to have bath or brush his hair everyday, will forget to brush their teeth etc.Many times the person will start having a weird sense of dressing and will start wearing inappropriate dressing. In this stage a personal care taker will be needed to take care of the everyday work of the person and the patient will require constant help in doing their everyday activities. Mood Swings: A patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease will have massive mood swings and the person will behave differently on a day to day basis. There will also be sudden and quick changes in the person; they might start laughing when they would have been crying only a minute back.They might even start having fights and arguments with themselves or a non living objec t like the floor or even the television. They will start fighting with anyone around and will always be restless. They might even start talking to themselves and mumbling. Sundowner Syndrome: During the stage when the person starts having mood swings, he also starts suffering from the Sundowner Syndrome where the sunset has a very bad affect on the patients brain and the person becomes every restless and becomes over active during the night and early morning hours (Richter & Richter).Diagnosis (Alzheimer's Disease): The diagnosis of a person Alzheimer's Disease is a long and lengthy process and is based on the observations made by the physician over a period of time. A series of tests to check the memory of the person are done over a period of weeks or months to asses the condition. The physician performs number of other tests too to rule out any other disease that the person might be facing. This is done only to check for the symptoms of other diseases, as no clinical test has been proven to diagnose Alzheimer's Disease completely.All the diagnosis is based on the experience and knowledge of a physician who specializes in memory related disorders. The only guaranteed way to detect the Alzheimer's Disease is to do a micro scopic examination of the tissues of the brain. Causes of Alzheimer's Disease (Cohen): There are a number for theories have been formed about the causes that lead to Alzheimer's Disease, many of these have been accepted universally and on some of the other theories research is still on.Some of the causes of Alzheimer's disease are as follow (Richter & Richter)s: Bacterial Infection: Bacterial infection is considered to be one of the major causes of Alzheimer's Disease. Chlamydia Pneumoniae is a virus that usually affect the lungs, nose and sinusus of the infected, however it has been noted that this virus is very prominentnt in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. In a research doen recently seventeen out of ninteen patien ts suffering from Alzheimer's Disease had the virus in their brains.Brain Damage or Head Injury: The chances of a person having Alzheimer's Disease become very high after a person has an head injury. The trauma that the brain has when a person has a head injury leaves traces of amyloid which is know to cause Alzheimer's Disease. Age Factor: Another major factor that increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease is the age of the person. It is said that the chances of Alzheimer's disease occurring increases after the age of 65 and every 5 years after that the risk increases by about 5 percent.Genetic Cause: It has not been scientifically proven that Alzheimer's Disease is a genetic disorder and people who have family memebers suffering from the diesease have a high risk of having the disease. However it has also been proven that genetic factors only increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Environmental Causes: There is also an argument about how high levels of aluminum in the environme nt increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease, however there is not scientific proof of this actually being a cause.Some of the steps to be taken to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease are as follows; Intellectual Stimulation: One of good ways to reduce the risks of Alzheimer's disease is by doing metal exercise and doing things that requires one to work their brain. This helps in keeping the brain healthy and in good shape. Regular exercise: Another good way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease is by doing regular physical exercise. This helps reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body and also reduces the fat. This reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease.Healthy Diet: The risk of Alzheimer's disease can be reduced by having food that is rich in vitamins and proteins. Also reducing the intake of fat also helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Lowering Cholesterol Levels: Reducing the levels of cholesterol in the blood also helps in reducing the chances of a pe rson having the disease. Many clinical trails are also on to check the risk factor. There is another study that has found that compounds found in marijuana known as cannabinoids helps in preventing Alzheimer's disease.However they have not been able to prove it for a fact or replicate the same. Some of the important facts about Alzheimer's disease are as follows (Alzheimer’s Research Foundation); 1. Over a 100 billion dollars are spent a year to do research and to find a cure for the disease. 2. Around 24 million people around the world suffer from Alzheimer's disease. 3. Around 5 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer's disease. 4. It is estimated that over 81 million people around the world will be suffering from Alzheimer's disease by 2020.Conclusion It can be clearly understood the gravity of the disease and the problems faced by a person suffering from the disease. It is very important for a person to lead a healthy life and be careful if they have Alzheimer's di sease in their family as there are chances that they may have the disease themselves. It is also necessary that one does not ignore the symptoms of short term memory loss as this can be the beginning of the disease and if found at the right stage it is possible to slow down the process of it damaging your brain.Research is on to find out a cure for the disease and reduce the risks the disease. References Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. alzinfo. org/alzheimers-disease-information. asp? mtc=google&kwd=alzheimer's_disease&gclid=CIuZgcqL34sCFQIFEAodcyncXg Alzheimer's Disease. (n. d. ). Retrieved from Wikipedia: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Alzheimer's_disease#History Cohen, E. Alzheimer's Disease. Richter, W. R. , & Richter, B. Z. Alzheimer's Disease.

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Society s Attitude Towards The Drinking Age - 1294 Words

Society’s attitude towards the drinking age has been a major controversy in the United States. The attitudes regarding the drinking age have been based off statistics and society’s varying opinion. Alcohol is a toxic depressant that has a damaging effect on the human body. As a result, to prevent excessive alcoholic consumption, the ratification of the 18th amendment took place from 1919 to 1939. This established the Prohibition Act, which banned the transportation, manufacturing and selling of an alcoholic beverage. However, illegal production of alcohol continued to take place in secret. Gradually prohibition laws became difficult to enforce. As a result, the Prohibition Act was repealed in 1933. In 1984, congress mandated a law which would raise the drinking age from 18 to 21 through the National Minimum Drinking Age. Reasoning for mandating an older drinking age, was to enhance public safety and promote good health. In 1988, all 50 states enforced the drinking age t o 21. The concern for the consumption of alcohol have targeted teenagers and young adults Society proposes at the age of eighteen an individual is mature and responsible to make decisions without the consent of a parent or guardian. In the United States an eighteen-year-old is considered a legal adult. By law you are able to fight for your country, vote, and buy cigarettes. Some impose, giving a newly young adult the privilege to consume alcohol would enhance their responsibility as an adult. Mary Cary fromShow MoreRelatedAlcohol abuse1512 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Alcohol abuse in the society. A review of the literature Abstract Alcohol abuse isRead MoreAlcohol And Drug Addiction : Drugs1498 Words   |  6 Pageshis own alcohol abuse experience in the book Memoirs of an Addicted Brain. The detailed explanations of underlying neurochemical mechanisms of alcohol, as well as the vivid descriptions of feelings after drinking alcohol in his book lay a solid foundation for general people’s understanding towards alcohol. There are three aspects of alcohol Lewis talks about in his book are similar to what we know in the news and other books. His memoir well explores the physical pleasure alcohol brings, the chemicalRead MoreAlcohol Consumption And Underage Drinking1561 Words   |  7 Pagesconsumption and underage drinking has been a major social problem and public health concern for centuries. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), â€Å"Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States, more than tobacco and illicit drugs, and is responsible for more than 4,30 0 annual deaths among underage youth (Fact Sheets - Underage Drinking). Alcohol has always been part of our culture as well as a debatable topic in our society and the controversy overRead MoreThe High School Dropout Rate1430 Words   |  6 Pages 1. If society were to reduce the local high school dropout rate, then I believe that society could progress rapidly with more skilled thinkers in the workforce. When a student drops out of high school, he or she is far less likely to succeed. This is due to the fact that most, if not all, skilled jobs that earn a decent living salary require a high school diploma at the very least. By decreasing the local high school dropout rate, our society would be giving those would be dropouts an opportunityRead MoreA Research Study On Prevention1432 Words   |  6 PagesIn my research I’ve found that prevention is the key to treatment. Here are some suggestions that I propose. Firstly, I suggest that the communities of San Juan County work together to educate the youth early and de-romanticize the drinking experience by having Al anon speakers, speak about the dangers. Real life experiences are proven to hold a greater impact on an audience rather than just some literature. There are 37 states so far to require some sort of drug and alcohol prevention in the classroomsRead MoreUnderage Alcohol And Alcohol Abuse1597 Words   |  7 PagesSadly, in today’s society, there is a lot of issues concerning drug and alcohol abuse in schools whether its at the high school or college level. Not only does drug and alcohol consumption effect your overall health, it can effect your academic performance as well. In this paper I am going to be talking about the problems with drug and alcohol abuse, preventions, risks, costs and much more. We are going to dissect the problems with drug alcohol consumption amongst young adults, from high schoolRead MoreThe Influence of Pop Culture on our Teenagers1419 Words   |  6 PagesAt a young age, the minds of teenagers are easily influenced by pop culture. They are easily misguided by the portrayals in pop culture as well as the media. Both pup culture and media use this to their advantage to manipulate their young minds. Teenagers are notorious for mimicking violent activities as shown in video games. This violence transmits from videogames to the top story on the local news. Equally important, alcohol portrayals in pop culture are generally positive as they direct teenagersRead MoreIntroduction. Alcohol Has Manifested Its Place In Most1612 Words   |  7 PagesWestern societies over the past few centuries. The fact that it is a drug does not hinder its wide usage and eventual abuse. Nevertheless, sci-entists have proven that alcohol can cause severe health issues and therefore, many govern-ments try to protect children and young people by enforcing a minimum legal drinking age mostly between 16 and 18 years, in some places even 21 years. While from a scientific view-point this law is more than justified, many young people reaching a certain age do not seeRead MorePrescription Medications And Illicit Drugs Essay1706 Words   |  7 Pagesof his woes. Is it any wonder that 67.2% of physician’s office visits in the United States involve either ordering new prescription drugs or adjusting current prescriptions? (U.S. Center, 2012, table 23). This hunt for the easy fix has led to a society in which the majority of the United States population is using drugs for either medical or recreational use. Drugs are defined as, â€Å"a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body†Read MorePaper On Struggling With Sexual Identity Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagesintegrity. Social attitudes toward homosexuals have both negative and positive perceptions. Using the category labels homosexual and heterosexual, researchers found that heterosexual male and female participants had more negative implicit attitudes toward homosexuals relative to heterosexual (Breen). Participants have completed an Implicit Association Test (IAT) which is gay men vs. straight men which is made up of good words and bad words (Breen). In regards to positive attitudes, many things have